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Why Zapier?

Time Savings

Full Customization

Accurate Data

Scales With Growth

Zapier is a fantastic business-friendly service to bring your whole tech stack together. This could mean bringing your form submissions into your CRM or sending a text message reminder for a booked meeting. Zapier works as a mailroom where you tell it which data to bring in, then you direct that data where to go. For example you can tell it to look at all the rows in a spreadsheet and only import rows where the location is "Toronto". From there, you decide that data will go into your CRM under your Toronto sales team. For a further description, look at the Zapier website or contact me below and we can hop on a call! 

My Services

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Tech Stack Consulting

To make sure we can accomplish your needs, first we need to evaluate your tech stack. This is all the software you use in your system to make sure it can work with Zapier or at least has an API aspect. If the software is not built to scale with your business, I take the time to learn about why you like it, then we work together to find the right solution and move all your critical data to the new solution. 


Zapier Setup

The Zapier setup is the meat and potatoes of my services. This is where we actually tell Zapier which data to pull and where to put it. This takes time and consideration as we need to guarantee accuracy, put information into the correct places, and not create infinite loops between different "Zaps."


Ongoing Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is what keeps your business running. Businesses change over time. You create a new product line, try a new marketing campaign, or classify customers differently. This will all have an effect on how we import your data and will need changes or additions to your Zapier setup. I offer monthly plans with guaranteed support. This will be discussed in our first consultation. 

Some of my Favourite Software

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